Bra Making Course ✄✄✄

Learn to make and alter your perfect bra

Next Available: Wed, 02 Jun 6:00PM (AEST)
3 hours 15 minutes x 5 Weeks
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This as been a long time in development, one of our most requested courses - BRA MAKING! 

In the 16-hour course, students make a toile bra first and learn pattern adjustments before cutting into their fabulous final bra fabric. Learn to make a bra with multiple cup pattern pieces (this means more support), with wires, with hooks and eyes, with adjustable straps and full (wider) band. 


  1. Making a toile bra
  2. Fitting the toile and adjusting your pattern
  3. Making your final bra

You will cover:

  • How to take measurements for bra-making
  • Size selection
  • Tracing the pattern 
  • Cutting technique for lingerie fabrics
  • Identifying bra hardware and notions
  • Machine settings, needle selection and sewing technique
  • Bra anatomy and constructing a bra cup with multiple pattern pieces
  • Using lace and decorative fabrics in lingerie
  • Simplex, duoplex, power mesh and bra fabrics
  • Using underwire channeling and inserting underwires
  • Creating adjustable bra straps
  • How to adjust the pattern for a great fit

Bra making is really enjoyable... perhaps even addictive. It might be the appeal of learning to use all the hardware, getting your technique better and of course, it is hugely impressive to tell friends "I've been making these beautiful bras". Browsing online for the laces, fabrics and hardware will lead to hours of planning pretty, functional bras. Learning the intricacies of bra making with a teacher will make you feel exceptionally accomplished. 

Workshop skill levels explained – click here.

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What you will learn
  • Sewing a toile bra
  • Fitting the toile and pattern adjustments
  • Sewing a final bra from gorgeous fabrics
What you will get
  • Students will make a toile and adjust pattern pieces + make a final fashion bra
  • Supportive learning, detailed instructions and a BRA!
Parking Info
  • Level 1, 329 Brunswick St, Fitzroy. Look for the red door.
  • Most Brunswick St parking is ticketed & max' 2hrs. However, longer time parking is available in the paid Coles Car Park.
  • Public Transport is the ideal way to get here - jump on the 11 tram & get off at Johnston St.

What to bring
  • A Bra Making Kit is available for purchase during the booking for your toile
  • The Bra Making Supplies for your toile and final bra are listed in the confirmation email
  • Students need to purchase a copy of the bra pattern, details in your confirmation email
What to wear


Appropriate for

✄✄✄ Sewciopath!: You have been using sewing patterns you pick up at Spotty, buy online from indie designers or download and print. The garments you have been making are from a wide variety of woven and knit fabrics, including challenging materials like silk blends. You are keen to gain knowledge that will allow you to alter patterns, improve the fit of garments, achieve impressive results and learn couture sewing techniques.

Bra making supplies

boobytraps.com.au  Or check out this suppliers post from Cloth Habit - clothhabit.com/bramaking-resources/

Refund Policy

See Terms & Conditions.

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Terms & Conditions

Taking part in a workshop at Thread Den is fun and we love teaching people our craft, but here we have to get serious for a moment:

It is your responsibility to clear your diary for the booking you've made - especially if there are multiple sessions in your course. If you want to finish your project(s), you need to attend all workshops. You'll also need to arrive on time. We can't start again because it just isn't fair to your fellow participants. 

Allow us this indulgence for a second, our workshops and courses - they are usually sold out weeks in advance. It isn't a quick switch to pop you into another workshop. If we have an appropriate session where you can attend to keep going, we will try to offer you a discounted space. If that isn't possible, you will need to book a private lesson to stay on track (the minimum cost is NM -$144 or M -$119.52). 

We also won't follow you up to check that you are coming along to class and/or that you have the right supplies for your class. Almost every workshop will require you to bring along your supplies, for some workshops we sell a supplies kit at an additional cost - but not for all. If you are unsure about what you need, just shoot us an email - info@threadden.com .  We also want you to learn and love what you make as much as possible, please carefully consider the fabrics we recommend that you use. If you choose a fabric that is suited to a more advanced level you aren't going to enjoy your experience.

We've tried to answer any questions you could have in the workshop description, but again, don't hesitate to email us for any further details or with any queries. We loooove to see that fabric you are thinking of using and sending you off to some of our favourite fabric and habby suppliers. 

Thanks for sticking with us and reading through these annoying details. Here's the stuff that is often hidden behind an *asterisk* or in teeeeenie little print:

Refund Policy

  • All refunds are subject to a 25% administration fee.
  • Refunds will only be processed back to the original method of payment.
  • Refunds are processed as soon as practicable. While Thread Den’s part of the process should be undertaken within three days of notice, the combination of the bookings platform and your banking institution’s processes will also influence the exact amount of time taken for you to receive the refund.

Transferring Your Booking

  • If you wish to transfer your booking to another workshop we require at least four days notice prior to the start date of your original workshop/course booking.
  • Bookings without date changes can be transferred to another person without incurring any penalties.
  • Changes to your workshop or the commencement date (within all other terms listed here) will incur a $10 administration fee.
  • Changes to your booking date will not reset the four day notice period.

Medical Events

  • If you feel unwell, do not attend your workshop. With the supply of a medical certificate or COVID-19 testing referral covering the date of your workshop, you will be able to transfer your booking without incurring any penalties.
  • Your safety is our priority, we reserve the right to make decisions if necessary to preserve the safety of all. 
  • In the event of a medical emergency, we may have to seek ambulance services on your behalf and at your expense.

Course Cancellations 

  • Classes are subject to sufficient enrolment numbers (usually this is 3 participants).
  • We reserve the right to cancel any scheduled course. In the event of a cancellation, students will be notified two days before the scheduled start date and refunds will be provided.

This policy can be viewed on our website - https://threadden.com/about/bookings-and-cancellations-policy/

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15 March 2021 • Bra Making Course ✄✄✄

I've long been wanting to make my own bras but was daunted by the prospect of fitting a foundation garment and didn't know where to start in terms of the materials and notions required. So I was very excited to discover that Thread Den offered a bra making course. With the disruptions caused by COVID, I ended up waiting a couple of years to do this class and it was worth the wait. The instructor Jen was lovely and somehow managed to simplify the fitting process. I now feel very well-equipped to tackle any bra pattern.

Thread Den


That's great to hear you felt at ease with the fitting, thanks so much for the feedback - Jen


11 March 2021 • Bra Making Course ✄✄✄

I really enjoyed this class as it gave me the guidance and confidence I needed to attempt my first bra. Jen was so helpful and her technical design knowledge helped navigate any fitting or construction issues.

Thread Den


You made some really lovely bras, I was so happy to have been there to assist and see you grow with each bra you made! Well done! - Jen


11 November 2019 • Bra Making Course ✄✄✄

I have made a few bras before but have always struggled with getting a good fit, so this course with a toile to test fit and focus on pattern adjusts was perfect! The pattern used in class wasn't my normal style and we had a unique method for taking measurements to find your size, I was very dubious as to my recommendation size but trusted in the process and after some easy band adjustments had a well fitting, wearable bra! The second bra still required some minor tweaking but is very wearable and I'm close to having a perfectly fitting bra pattern! Thanks Jen and Thread Den!

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