Sewing Basics 3 Week Course for Beginners

Learn to sew from the very beginning

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3 hours x 3 Weeks
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Enjoy nine hours of tuition where you learn to sew from the very beginning - no experience necessary!  We'll take you through all the basics of sewing; understanding the sewing machine, sewing technique and how to troubleshoot problems at the machine yourself.  

We'll introduce you to terminology, tools, patterns, fabric anatomy, cutting technique and achieving professional results. You'll get to know what you want in a sewing machine if you haven't yet purchased one. 

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Workshop 1:

  • Identifying the  parts of the sewing machine
  • Learn to thread and set up the sewing machine
  • Learn essential techniques including; feeding and guiding the fabric, straight stitching, backstitching, basting, pivoting, zig-zag stitching, applique and sewing at seam allowances
  • Hemming and finishing with pinking shears
  • Pressing and getting professional results
  • Starting to use patterns while making a fabric wallet

Workshop 2:

  • Fabric anatomy and how that relates to the pattern markings
  • Pinning fabrics, tracing patterns and cutting technique
  • Types of interfacing and how to use
  • Types of zips, their uses and tools/feet required
  • Inserting a regular centred zip in a toiletries case
  • Boxing out corners

Workshop 3:

  • Understanding more pattern markings
  • Assembling a bag with a full lining
  • Middle pining and manipulating fabric 
  • Bagging out

AND you'll make three projects - a handy wallet, toiletries case and a bag!

Purchase a supplies kit with everything required - designs currently available ➟ click here.

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What you will learn
  • Week 1: At the end of this session students will be able to thread a sewing machine, setup and make adjustments for straight sewing and zigzag stitching, and will make a handy wallet.
  • Week 2: Students will know about fabric anatomy, interfacing and zips. They will know how to fuse interfacing, change feet accessories, insert a centred zip and make a toiletries case.
  • Week 3: Students will be able to independently thread, setup and adjust a sewing machine. With limited supervision; fold fabrics, trace and cut out. Make a lined bag with instructions.
What you will get
  • Experienced and friendly teachers to take you through everything step-by-step
  • Detailed handouts in each weekly workshop.
  • 3 projects made by you; a handy fabric wallet, toiletries case and a lined bag
Parking Info
  • Level 1, 329 Brunswick St, Fitzroy. Look for the red door.
  • Most Brunswick St parking is ticketed & max' 2hrs. However, longer time parking is available in the paid Coles Car Park.
  • Public Transport is the ideal way to get here - jump on the 11 tram & get off at Johnston St.

What to bring
  • Week 1: a piece of craft felt at least 17cm x 27cm, sewing machine thread & a piece woven cotton fabric at least 45cm x 35cm
  • Week 2: sewing machine thread, a 25cm closed end chunky plastic zip & .5metre woven cotton fabric
  • Week 3: sewing machine thread, two pieces of woven cotton fabric both 1 metre
  • A list of supplies is included in your confirmation email
What to wear


Appropriate for

No experience necessary. Participants in this course should be keen to learn all the basics of sewing!  We'll give you an understanding of the sewing machine - including; threading it up, how to adjust settings, machine sewing techniques and starting to trouble shoot problems yourself.  We’ll introduce you to basic terminology, loads of tools, simple patterns, fabric selection, cutting technique and achieving professional results with stable woven fabrics. Even if you have sewn some stuff, but aren't sure about stitch width or length, or you keep getting a bird's nest of threads, and/or you don't yet know about seam allowance/guides - we think you'll love the "aha" moments in this course.

Supplies Kit

During checkout you can add a supplies kit to your booking (link to designs ⬆ in class description).

Refund Policy

See Terms & Conditions.

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Terms & Conditions

Taking part in a workshop at Thread Den is fun and we love teaching people our craft, but here we have to get serious for a moment:

It is your responsibility to clear your diary for the booking you've made - especially if there are multiple sessions in your course. If you want to finish your project(s), you need to attend all workshops. You'll also need to arrive on time. We can't start again because it just isn't fair to your fellow participants. 

Allow us this indulgence for a second, our workshops and courses - they are usually sold out weeks in advance. It isn't a quick switch to pop you into another workshop. If we have an appropriate session where you can attend to keep going, we will try to offer you a discounted space. If that isn't possible, you will need to book a private lesson to stay on track (the minimum cost is NM -$144 or M -$119.52). 

We also won't follow you up to check that you are coming along to class and/or that you have the right supplies for your class. Almost every workshop will require you to bring along your supplies, for some workshops we sell a supplies kit at an additional cost - but not for all. If you are unsure about what you need, just shoot us an email - info@threadden.com .  We also want you to learn and love what you make as much as possible, please carefully consider the fabrics we recommend that you use. If you choose a fabric that is suited to a more advanced level you aren't going to enjoy your experience.

We've tried to answer any questions you could have in the workshop description, but again, don't hesitate to email us for any further details or with any queries. We loooove to see that fabric you are thinking of using and sending you off to some of our favourite fabric and habby suppliers. 

Thanks for sticking with us and reading through these annoying details. Here's the stuff that is often hidden behind an *asterisk* or in teeeeenie little print:

Refund Policy

  • All refunds are subject to a 25% administration fee.
  • Refunds will only be processed back to the original method of payment.
  • Refunds are processed as soon as practicable. While Thread Den’s part of the process should be undertaken within three days of notice, the combination of the bookings platform and your banking institution’s processes will also influence the exact amount of time taken for you to receive the refund.

Transferring Your Booking

  • If you wish to transfer your booking to another workshop we require at least four days notice prior to the start date of your original workshop/course booking.
  • Bookings without date changes can be transferred to another person without incurring any penalties.
  • Changes to your workshop or the commencement date (within all other terms listed here) will incur a $10 administration fee.
  • Changes to your booking date will not reset the four day notice period.

Medical Events

  • If you feel unwell, do not attend your workshop. With the supply of a medical certificate or COVID-19 testing referral covering the date of your workshop, you will be able to transfer your booking without incurring any penalties.
  • Your safety is our priority, we reserve the right to make decisions if necessary to preserve the safety of all. 
  • In the event of a medical emergency, we may have to seek ambulance services on your behalf and at your expense.

Course Cancellations 

  • Classes are subject to sufficient enrolment numbers (usually this is 3 participants).
  • We reserve the right to cancel any scheduled course. In the event of a cancellation, students will be notified two days before the scheduled start date and refunds will be provided.

This policy can be viewed on our website - https://threadden.com/about/bookings-and-cancellations-policy/

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07 April 2021 • Sewing Basics 3 Week Course for Beginners

I really enjoyed the Sewing Basics 3 week course - it's been a LONG time since I've done any sewing and it was a great course to start me off again. The pace was perfect, even for a slow coach like me - I never felt like I was holding anyone up whilst I bumbled around and tried to catch up! Jen was very patient, as were the other girls doing the course. It was a lot of fun and I have now bought my sewing machine and am ready to conquer the mystery of sewing stretch fabrics... stay tuned!! Thanks everyone for a great course. I will definitely be back... I would recommend this course to anyone who's looking to take up sewing or brush up on old skills.

Thread Den


Hi Anna, Thanks so much for your brilliant feedback, its always lovely to hear how much you enjoyed the class, what you gained from the class, what you'd like to achieve next, and that you have brought your first sewing machine! Looking forward to seeing you in your next sewing adventure :) 

- Jen


01 April 2021 • Sewing Basics 3 Week Course for Beginners

The Sewing Basics course was an excellent introduction and left me feeling both confident and inspired by week 3. The course was well designed and we really were learning as we went often without even realising it. Would recommend it to anyone wanting to get into sewing.

Thread Den


Thanks Amelia! It was a pleasure to teach you and I'm looking forward to seeing you for your next class!


30 March 2021 • Sewing Basics 3 Week Course for Beginners

I’ve never sewed before and the sewing basics course has kicked started a love affair with sewing. Amy was a wonderful teacher who wowed me with both her passion and patience. The projects were well thought out for beginners to help build confidence. I can’t wait to make another wallet, toiletries bag, and tote bag for everyone I know! The only thing I’m more excited for is my next class at thread den!

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